Cost of Heating Oil

As there are a large number of suppliers up and down the UK, the cost of heating oil can be difficult to establish. It is also a freely traded commodity, which means it has no fixed price nor is there a guaranteed heating oil cost.

Different suppliers will have different heating oil costs, and these will depend on myriad reasons. The global price of a barrel of crude oil is one primary factor, and it will generally govern the underlying cost of domestic heating oil.

One other noteworthy reason that affects the cost of heating oil is the time of year it is purchased. Heating oil cost per litre is affected by supply and demand, with the colder months of the year demanding a higher price. As more people require heating oil to heat their homes, heating oil suppliers raise the price to maximise their profits.

Quite often, you may find that heating oil costs less if you buy from suppliers that secured a more favourable discount when they purchased the oil from their wholesaler. You may find cheaper prices of heating oil when they were purchased in larger quantities, so it does pay to shop around.

In fact, to acquire a true understanding of the cost of heating oil, it’s prudent to get in touch with a number of different suppliers. This will present you with a much clearer picture of the heating oil market, giving you the confidence to really understand costs, ensuring you find low cost heating oil.

It’s fair to say that ringing around a variety of fuel suppliers can be a timely process. This makes the practice of obtaining a competitive quote and understanding the cost of heating oil rather difficult and convoluted. The primary objective for this website is to make this job that much easier and swifter for you.

Working with our partners at Find a Fuel Supplie, the leading independent online fuel comparison site, we take your requirements and then liaise with the UK’s leading suppliers to find you the cheapest cost of heating oil. As a fully independent company, without links or ties with any heating oil supplier, we will always work with the consumer’s best interests in mind.

To get started with finding out current heating oil cost and to find your cheapest quote, simply give our friendly team a call today on 0844 664 18 17 and we will guide you through the process.

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