Cheap Heating Oil

Finding cheap heating oil isn’t always an easy process, as there are a large number of suppliers, all offering different prices. Here, we will show you how to find the cheapest heating oil in the UK.

Why do Heating Oil Prices Vary?

Heating oil is a commodity that is traded globally and as such, has no fixed price. It is largely tied to the cost of a barrel of crude oil and so that will always govern its underlying price. When the price of a barrel of oil is low, it’s more likely that this will be reflected with cheap home heating oil.

As a commodity, its price will be determined by supply and demand and this is often driven by seasonality and the weather. It makes sense that heating oil is used more often in the winter months, when the weather is cold and houses need heating. Therefore you’re more likely to find the cheapest heating oil prices in the summer months, when demand is low.

Finding Cheapest Heating Oil

There are a huge number of heating oil suppliers up and down the UK, some that will be run independently and others that are part of larger oil and fuel companies. Depending on their location, size and buying power, you will find each supplier offering different prices. However, the cheapest heating oil prices won’t always be offered by the biggest companies.

It’s not unusual to find that local suppliers, regardless of their size, offer cheap domestic heating oil to local customers at better rates than national companies. This is often because their local distribution costs are lower and that they offer larger discounts in the hope that their local customers will stick with them and become loyal.

How do I Find my Cheapest Home Heating Oil?

The most obvious way is to do some research and then begin ringing around a number of local and national heating oil suppliers. No doubt as you’re already thinking, this can be a long drawn-out process. It’s also impossible to get in contact with every UK supplier making it difficult to benchmark prices clearly and understand whether you have obtained the cheapest domestic heating oil available.

This is where will help you out.

Working with our partners at Find a Fuel Supplier, the web’s leading independent online fuel comparison site, we will take your heating oil, or other fuel requirements, and then liaise with the UK’s leading suppliers to find you cheap heating oil.

As a fiercely independent company, without links or ties to any fuel supplier, we will always work with the consumer’s best interests in mind.

To get started with finding out current heating oil cost and to find your cheapest quote, simply give our friendly team a call today on 0844 664 18 17 and we will guide you through the process.

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